How Did Early Settlers Changed America

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From a hard life in Britain, to the tough ship voyage, early settlers didn't have it easy. When settlers came to explore and settle in America their lives were changed. The land, weather, and Native people were different. The early settlers brought their traditions, like clothing and religion, they also brought diseases and new language. They had to find more efficient ways of living, settlers had to do things they never had to in Europe and this changed America for the better. Even though it was hard for the settlers, without them this country wouldn't be what it is today. To begin with, when the Europeans first settled in the new world, they had nowhere to go not even an idea on where to settle. The soil was fertile, the weather was nicer than it was in Europe, and they obtained new disease that they weren't used to. Though the winter was cold and unforgiving, most didn't survive the winters. They were soon met face to face with the native people of the new…show more content…
Most never had to hunt or farm back in Europe, this caused starvation, because they were ignorant to it. A Captain had to come and set everything straight so less people would die. This quickly caused a change in how colonization went, more people were settling in the new world and less were dying. Different type of agriculture and jobs were formed at this time causing a major transition in America. In conclusion, the early settlement of the Europeans shaped America to be the country it is today. Though it was hard, we achieved everything we have today because of them. Through their struggles, they made a strong and stable country. There were ups and downs to the settlement, but that doesn't change how we are today. When settlers came to explore and settle the Americas, it changed their life drastically and without them we wouldn't be where we are
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