How Did Early Settlers's Attitude Toward The Native Americans Survive?

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Did being faithful and strong had helped them survive? The early settlers’ attitude toward the Native Americans and their belief in their insecurity around them had helped them survive the hardships that they endured while benefitting their interaction with the natives. The experience on their journeys has aid them faced any obstacle during their survival. The main characteristics that the Pilgrims had gone through and and learned was the attitudes and faith they had upon God and the Native Americans, the problems they undergo, and their interaction with them. One of the main characteristics of the remarks was the attitudes and beliefs that they had upon the natives inhabitants. Although, the settlers’ first impression toward them was negative as the author uses some words such as “skulking” to describe them as bad people. But, they also had a reason because the natives stole their tools and they fear about their security. They thought that the Natives Americans were diverse according to their actions, but they soon become profitable for them as they help them keep body and soul in their land. Because they were new to the land, the newcomers did endure some hardships. During winter, they have been suffering from a disease called scurvy, caused by lack of vitamin C, which has wiped out many people. Also, food was…show more content…
The experience they first had over the Native Americans was that they didn’t trust them, but after they had been profitable for each other. They made peaceful terms which they both had to follow and there was a good connection between one another. That has led them to celebrate their first harvest together known as the “First Thanksgiving”. Their interaction has led to them facing any obstacle with fortitude and they also treat each other as
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