Haiti Earthquake Essay

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A massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 leaving many broken buildings, forcing Heidi citizens to live with relatives or in tents.
These living conditions are so bad that widespread disease such as malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis and HIV/Aids spread through the community.

In 2010 after the earthquake a mass outbreak of cholera also affected this country, killing more than 10, 000 people in a year and a half, this is recorded as one of the worlds biggest cholera outbreaks.
These diseases along with malnutrition, lack of health care and lack of clean water have caused numerous deaths.
Unstable rain patterns have caused some parts of Haiti to experience flash flooding, while other parts experience major drought which has been starving millions for
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With his resignation, the already fragile democracy has yet again returned to a state of anxiety.
This has not been the first of Haiti's faulty leaderships.
This issue has been growing for years, and the electoral council has all but disappeared.

Haiti was the first nation in the Caribbean to rebel against slavery, and gain their independence.
The Republic of Haiti is a Creole and French speaking nation, which is part of the Caribbean.
The social class system in Haiti is unique, it is much harder to gain the status of high class and even the bottom class has its own distinctions.
Colour distinction is a racial issue in Haiti.
Those who are darker skinned are considered working class, which are those who work outside in the sun.
Many Haitian citizens use cosmetics to protect their skin from the sun to stay as light as they can.
There is a great deal of racial tension between the darker and lighter skinned people of Haiti, they usually do not like to associate with each other.
In Haiti many believe that the lighter skinned a women is, the more beautiful she is, this is why many women in this part of the world try to lighten their
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