How Did Edgar Allan Poe A Revolutionary Era

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A Revolutionary Era A famous self-help author, Napoleon Hill, once said “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” This statement is certainly true of Americans who lived during the years of 1800-1870’s who experienced rebirth and development. For example, the Nation’s capital had been moved from Philadelphia to Washington, DC. In addition, Americans founded the first cultural institution. These two things helped the nation grow immensely (“A Growing Nation…” 210). An important author living during this era was Edgar Allan Poe, because he wrote the first horror and detective stories. Furthermore, an event that had major impact at the time was the Emancipation Proclamation. It changed the course of the Civil War and gave freedom to many slaves. Lastly, one invention that affected Americans was the Morse Code. It enabled Americans to communicate faster during this time period. Edgar Allan Poe, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the invention of the Morse code are all important figures and events from the 1800-1870s era that reflects how this time period was revolutionary.…show more content…
One early experience that shaped and influenced Poe’s writing was the death of both of his parents before he was three years old. Equally important to what impacted Poe, was that his foster dad never legally adopted him, and then died in 1834. His wife, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe, died of tuberculosis in January 30, 1847(“Edgar Allan Poe” 1). Edgar Allan Poe was forced to leave school and quit going to the US Military Academy, because he did not have sufficient funds to keep going (“Edgar Allan. Poe” 2). Poe’s life growing up and all of the deaths that occurred around him undoubtedly influenced his distinctive style of
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