How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influence The World

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Edgar Allan Poe, to begin with, was an author who has left a heavy mark on the culture of the whole world. He was influential on many latter authors and he was a precursor in many specific genres, beginning with dark romanticism, and going through horrors and gothic to short mystery stories. He is considered to have influenced authors such as Steven King, Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as many musicians and trends in cinematography considering science-fiction, including movies full of monstrosities and horror. First of all, considering his life as rather harsh; he was born in January 1809 and he died in October 1849. He was born in Boston, as a second child in family, and then he was orphaned in tragic circumstances which are his father leaving the family, and his mother dying right after. He was getting into adulthood while taken into care by Allan family, although they have never adopted him. Poe attended University of Virginia, but after one semester he left because of lack of money, which occasionally led him to join the Army in 1827. That was the year of the beginning of his career, because eventually he wrote collection of poems under title :“Tamerlane and Other Poems” and…show more content…
In various different fields including cinematography, literature, games, and music. A lot of artists throughout the years used patterns provided by Poe’s work, as well as used his characters or poems as templates for their own. Iconic characters such as Sherlock Holmes or spine-chilling, world known books would not probably exist, or would not be as good, as they are today. Moreover motifs used widely by Poe, and popularized by him are not only universal, but also used frequently by contemporary artists, and as famous as these motifs are, analysing this trend it can be said, that with big probability it is going to
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