How Did Edgar Allan Poe React With Death

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Edgar Allan Poe. When one thinks or hears the name Edgar Allan Poe, one immediately thinks depression death, pain, darkness. With his popular works: The Raven, Tell- tale Heart, and The Cask of Amontillado all dealing with death, the question comes to mind, what has made Edgar Allan Poe so intrigued with death and revenge? Edgar Allan Poe had a strong desire to be wanted and loved (in my opinion). Edgar Allan Poe was deprived of real love, so he became this dark artist. At the age of three Edgar Allan Poe was without parents. Being without parents at such a young age, he didn 't have any true role models to genuinely teach him the essence of love. Instead, he attached himself to works dealing with death, pain, and darkness as a way of coping with abandonment. Edgar Allan Poe, an orphan at three years old, was placed with a foster family, John and Frances Allan in Richmond Virginia, set apart from his siblings. As Edgar Allan Poe grew older, he went off to the University of Virginia in 1826. John Allan, his foster father didn 't send him enough money for his tuition, so Edgar Allan Poe resorted to gambling, which soon placed him in debt. Edgar Allan Poe’s debt predicament forced him to go back home. When he got back home, he found out that his neighbor and fiancé had gotten engaged to…show more content…
Not only did Edgar Allan Poe have abandonment issues and a strong desire for love, but he also had an emptiness within him. Edgar Allan Poe wanted to belong and be a part of something, so he joined the Army in 1827. While in the army, he was doing well and he wanted to join West Point (military academy). At West Point Edgar Allan Poe soared in academics and was doing better than ever. Somehow his past issues caught up to him because he wasn 't familiar with being accepted into something as grandiose as Wr4est Point,so he sabotage himself and got kicked out. Just before Edgar Allan Poe got kicked out, he had an argument with his foster father, John, and ended their
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