How Did Edmund Davis Radicalize The Constitution Of 1876

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The particular condition that the Constitution of 1876 was drafted under was the government and overthrow of Edmund Davis (Harpham, Champagne 81). Some of the main principles behind the Constitution were popular control of state government, limitations on state government, strengthening the economy, and finally promotion of agrarian interests. Some of the more important aspects reflecting the political philosophy of the framers were the high value placed on individual freedom from government. As well as the lack of faith the framers had in the government. Under the Reconstruction Constitution of 1869, Edmund Davis governed. He had radicalized the constitution to fit his own personal gain, and had extensive control over the government as a whole. The constitution that was in place severely diminish local government power while vastly increasing the state’s power. Davis had turned, according to Governing Texas, the government into a very corrupt administration calling on state police and militia to retain control (Harpham, Champagne 81). The climax of his reign reached in 1873 where Davis refused to give up the office to the newly appointed governor, barricading himself in his office. The Democrats succeeded in slipping past him in order form their government, and in turn he left the office. There…show more content…
The new constitution made it so that it limited the government’s debt capacity while also diminishing their power to tax. Another way they saved money was decentralizing public education, thus making it not mandatory anymore (Harpham, Champagne 82). The last principle in the Constitution of 1876 was that they put an emphasis on agrarian interest, since agriculture was such a huge part of the Texas economy. They did this by putting in place provisions to protect farmers from bank, railroads, etc. (Harpham, Champagne 82). They also put greater responsibility in the local
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