How Did Edward Zwick Change In The Movie Defiance

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The movie Defiance, directed by Edward Zwick, is about World War 2 in Germany. Germany was not a safe place for Jews, as the Nazis were slaughtering and taking them to concentration camps. Three Jewish brothers, Tuvia, Zus, and Asael, take off to the woods trying to survive and fight against the Nazis. It started out with just the three, then more people started hearing about these boys and joined them in the battle for freedom. This is a true story of how three brothers managed to survive and save 1,200 Jews by hiding out in the forests of Eastern Europe. This movie is based on a true story, however not everything is true, and not everything that actually happened is included in this two hour and seventeen minute movie. Why would Edward Zwick change or leave out facts of what happened to the Jewish people in that area during World War II? …show more content…

The Otriad is seen moving their camp once in the movie, but they actually had to move several times. Also, it is shown that the brothers first met their wives in the forest, but they actually knew the women before then. In the movie the focus is only on the three brothers, but they also had a younger brother, Aron, and there were eight other siblings. One odd thing that was changed in the movie was the birth order of Zus and Asael, Zus was portrayed to be younger than he actually was. In reality he was thirty and he's the one who formed the Otriad and then Tuvia took control and he became Tuvias second in command. As seen in the movie Zus and Tuvia are in control together until Zus leaves to fight with the Soviets. At the end of the movie there are subtitles saying what happened to the brothers after the war. Zwick left out the fact that Tuvia, Zus, their wives, and Aron fought in the 1948 war of independence in

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