How Did Edwards Win His Reign

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On January 5th 1066, King Edward the Confessor, King of England had passed away. He ruled over his kingdom for 23 years. The next day the Anglo-Saxon selected Harold Godwin, who is Edwards’s brother in-law, to be king. Duke William of Normandy did not agree with the decision of having Harold Godwin to be king. William stated that Edward promised the crown of England to him. William is a distant cousin to Edwards, so he confirms his title because he has blood association. William states that a few years ago, Edward choose Williams to be his heir. In 1051 Edward the confessor promised to make Edward the air of England which promised him a large leap of power. In 1066 Edward changed his mind and gave crown to Harold who had no tie to the throne.
William had conquered through surpurb purpose and generalship it had obtained him dukedom and now kingdom. William decided he would seize the thrown by force. He disposed his rival king. William advanced towards London to south and west of city his men burned and slaughtered everything in their path. "Submit or die" – William.
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William 's strength defeated Harold, who was killed in the battle.
Within no time Harold faced two attacks, “one came from the king of Norway, Harald Hardrada, who was supported by Harold Godwinson 's brother Tostig, and the other from William, Duke of Normandy.” Harold debated the Norwegian attack at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in September 1066. On October 14, 1066 Harold was defeated and killed soon after at the Battle of Hastings. Due to Williams death plot of his lands were distributed between his eldest son, Robert who took control of Normandy, and his second son, William Rufus, becoming king of England. William Rufus succeeded in quelling the uprising and the treats of his elder brother and retained his title as
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