How Did Egypt Contribute To Modern Society

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Egypt began around 2575 BC and ended in 1075 BC. Most scholars divided ancient Egypt into three main periods, Old Kingdom (2575 BC - 2130 BC), Middle Kingdom (1938 BC-
1630 BC), and the New Kingdom ( 1539 BC- 1075 BC). Egypt was one of the oldest civilizations. Egypt had many contributions such as medicine, science, and math. Society, today, would be very different without the achievements of Egyptians.
Egypt is located in the Nile Valley in northeast Africa. At one time Egypt was much larger than it is today. At its’ greatest extent, ancient Egypt occupied all of the land from the Syrian coast in the north to the Red Sea in the east, down to the Nile Valley to Nubia in the south, and spreading west to the Libyan Desert. The Mediterranean
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The pharaoh and the royal family were the heads of society. Government officials, priests and priestesses were under the pharaoh. Next were the business people, artisans, and scribes. Peasants were farmers who made up the largest group of Egyptian citizens. When the peasants were not farming, they built tombs, palaces, and temples of the pharaoh. Women held traditional roles in the home but also worked outside of the home. They could make perfume, run farms, be doctors, and priests.
Egyptians contributed to modern day society in various ways. One major contribution was in the field of medicine. Egyptian doctors performed surgeries and used mummies to learn more about the human body. The calender was developed by Egyptians. Egyptians also created a form of writing and math. Their writing was called hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics was made up of pictures or symbols. They also developed geometry because they needed a system of managing their land and to build pyramids.
Ancient Egyptian society was centred around the Nile River. Pharaohs and gods were the heads of society. Most Egyptians were peasant farmers; however, many men and women also worked outside of the home. Egyptians contributed to modern society by developing medicines, a system of writing, and
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