How Did Egypt Treat The Minions

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Over the course of the next several weeks everyone in Egypt treated the minions horribly. The minions had nowhere else to go, so they had to stay and feel the wrath of the Egyptian people. They would have to leave soon though, for they were being banished from Egypt for all eternity. The days passed slowly and the 70th day could not have arrived any slower. The streets were filled with mourning people wishing that the minions had never come to our land. The day had come for all of Egypt to gather around our young pharaoh for one last time. His golden sarcophagus amazed everyone in the crowd. Its golden beauty reminded everyone of how he would now join Re in the sky. He was placed in his burial chamber with all that he would need in the after life. His loyal people said one last goodbye and closed the door forever.…show more content…
They were thrown around and locked up so they could not be seen by the public. After several months of the minions being in prison, Egypt did not want them anymore. So, they were banished from Egypt and where not allowed to return for all eternity. They were led out in a special parade type ceremony where all of Egypt could come and watch their deparcher. I sat towards the end of everything so that I could watch them as they disappeared into the night. What trouble they had caused! I could not believe they were allowed to stay as long as they did. As I watched them go off I wondered about where they would go next. What civilization would they ruin next? I wondered how long the minions would destroy things until they finally figured things out. Life went back to the way it was before the minions came, but I would never forget the mark that they made on all of
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