How Did Eleanor Roosevelt Influence Women

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• Chapter 10: Eleanor Roosevelt: Ordinariness and Extraordinariness, pg. 183-202
Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong, independent, and intelligent woman, especially of her time. During that time, women just aspired to become good supportive housewives for her husband and children. I think that Eleanor Roosevelt played a key role in breaking the limiting boundaries of the gender roles. She created her own leadership position that inspires others purely through persuasion. The reading said that she never actively sought out any official elected positions. I believe this is because she didn’t want to compromise her political views and beliefs, as the official elected representative for a group of constituents.
Instead, she voluntarily fought for the civil rights of the dispossessed and marginalized groups. Although she was born into a wealthy household, she did not have a particularly happy childhood. This experience allowed her to empathize better with the less fortunate, in addition to being woman. I think her courage to become an influential woman in the male-dominant political sphere was fueled by her vision of equality. For example, she continues her work in hopes that one day, more women will participate in the government. She was aware of the public’s attention on her. Likewise, she recognized that her
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realized his leadership role and responsibilities for a cause greater than that of his single person. The chapter repeatedly mentioned how he had no intention of becoming a prominent leader after his testimony. However, his message and delivery was so powerful and inspirational that he converted his audience to his followers/supporters. I think this clearly shows how people willingly choose their leaders and decide who to follow. I believe a leader’s initial impression or leadership potential/qualities attract the attention of followers, then the followers are the ones who give leaders their influential
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