How Did Eliezer Lose Faith In Night

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Losing faith one train ride at a time

Many began to lose faith in their god when going through a hardship. It is difficult to have faith in a god who has permitted harm on innocent people. They began to lose hope in survival and began to believe that god may be unjust. In Night by Elie Wiesel, Eliezer starts off as a very religious Jew. Eliezer was very close to god and wanted to learn anything he could. Once he was taken away from his home, he began losing faith in god and lost all hope. Eliezer stopped praying and he believed that god was unjust. Eliezer felt as though god was uncaring and so he stopped believing in him. His view on god changed juristically throughout Night.

Eliezer was very religious and curious. He wanted to study
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Eliezer has not only lost faith in god but he has begun to feel hatred towards him for letting innocent men and women be slaughtered and burned. Elie now feels strong hatred towards god for not protecting the Jews.

Elie’s view of god changed for the worse. He was very religious and close to god in many ways. He slowly began to lose faith and hope in god. He lost his innocence and began to feel hatred toward god for letting innocent people die. Elie changed and he became rebellious. He began to wish for things he regretted later and he lost all hope. He became an entirely different person. Elie went through life changing events and he was traumatized. He would never be the same. The decisions he made, the paths he took, they all made played a role in who he turned out to be. That interfered with his view on god and their relationship. People’s views and feelings towards others change over time, whether it is for better or for worse. People began to see the real side of others and sometimes they might not like that side. Other times people change and they grow apart.
They lose hope in each other and in some cases began to hate each other. People go through things that change them forever and affect them emotionally and sometimes
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