How Did Elizabeth 1 Contribute To The Tudor's Rebellions

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During the Tudor dynasty a diverse range of conflicts and rebellions occurred. After Henry VIII breached with Rome in 1533 the threat of religion increased leading to multiple revolts. This resulted Elizabeth, the last monarch of the Tudors, left to overcome various problems which threatened the Queen such as; the religious issues caused by the Spanish Armada linking with the rebellions she had to also overcome, the Northern Rebellion, and finally foreign policy, threatened by the Anglo Spanish relations causing great threats for the Virgin Queen. However, Elizabeth did overcome religious threats by the end of her reign, despite the unstable country she was left in by her rebellious sister Mary, her father Henry VIII and grandfather Henry VII,…show more content…
Philip II had been contemplating an invasion on England, however, due to Spain’s financial situation, the ability of taking on such an operation made the King reluctant. After the execution of the Roman Catholic, Mary Queen of Scots, he wanted to seek revenge. Being married to Mary Tudor and equally like her wishing to see England return to Roman Catholicism, Philip was determined, as well as being backed by a country which was known as the strongest Catholic nation in Europe. Many factors influenced his decision; however, in 1585 Elizabeth contributed to his decision to attack. This was through Elizabeth helping the Protestants in the Netherlands when they revolted against their Spanish overlords led by the Duke of Parma. She supplied many goods, money and later 12,000 men under the command of the Earl of Leicester. Philip II had many advantages of over throwing Elizabeth, creating calm within religion restoring the Catholic reign, as well as being able to destroy the Dutch Protestants. However, Elizabeth was able to overcome this threat from Philip II and prevent the Spanish Armada from succeeding. Elizabeth was able to create a better tactical navy. Relying on the use of long ranged guns, they never allowed the Spanish to get close enough to them, as well as better trained sailors out-smarting the Spanish. Elizabeth was also considered an inspirational leader. This was due to her ability to control and maintain peace amongst English Catholics whilst the Armada was happening. Due to them not rebelling it shows Elizabeth overcoming the threat that King Philip II attempted to place on England through the Spanish Armada and the efforts to overthrow of the
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