How Did Elizabeth Blackwell Change The World

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Inspirational Individual: Elizabeth Blackwell
Introduction to Elizabeth Blackwell Imagine a world where only men could do certain things. Only men could be farmers, only men could be construction workers, only men could be doctors. The world used to be this way, but Elizabeth Blackwell changed that. She became the first woman doctor in the US to graduate medical school. Elizabeth overcame obstacles, became inspired, and changed the world.
Elizabeth Overcame Obstacles Elizabeth Blackwell had to overcome many troubling obstacles. Back then, women were not allowed to go to medical school. According to, “Elizabeth Blackwell moved to Philadelphia, then considered the seat of medical learning in America, and applied for admission to the four medical colleges there. She was turned down by all, although a professor at the largest school told her she could enter if she disguised herself as a man” ( Elizabeth did not like that idea, so she kept looking. She finally got accepted to Geneva Medical College, mostly as
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She opened up so many opportunities for women all over the world. She caused medical schools to open up and accept women. She helped women accomplish things that were thought to be impossible just years before. “As a pioneer for women into a field dominated by men, she has become a role model for young women everywhere” ( Elizabeth persevered and became a great doctor.
Conclusion to Elizabeth blackwell Elizabeth Blackwell was inspiring to everyone. She had to climb over many troubling obstacles to become a doctor. She became inspired by her dying friend and changed the world forever. Elizabeth had the chance to do amazing things with her life, and she took it. She chose to stand up and take action for women's rights. Elizabeth Blackwell is an inspiration to the world. She will always be remembered for her extraordinary determination and
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