How Did Elizabeth Cady Stanton Contribute To The Fight For Women's Rights

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All the reporters and fame is great, but i didn't do it all alone. The fight for women’s rights really took off, when my good friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton and I founded NAWSA. We truly were unstoppable. We had so much knowledge to fight back with. Day after day people would turn us down because we were women. Elizabeth and I couldn't and wouldn't take it any longer. We were going to get women, blacks, and slaves all the legal rights that they deserve. And so our journey together began. Elizabeth and I had ideas beyond just getting women their rights, We also wanted to end slavery and get blacks the rights they too deserved. I met a number of wonderful ladies during the antislavery movement, such as Stanton, and another good friend, Lucretia Mott. It was hard to come across a group of …show more content…

She never gave up on anything. We would get told that we were failures and that we wouldn't change anything, and Stanton showed them that they were wrong. Elizabeth and I weren't going to stop fighting until we got what we wanted from NAWSA. Stanton was the president of NAWSA for about 2 years. She deserved that spot. She worked day and night to get that position. Shortly after that I was named president of NAWSA. Elizabeth is who I looked up to and who I trusted. Stanton and I are one of the leading causes, of why women and blacks have all their legal rights today. I am still to this day prouder than anyone could ever be. I am so proud of NAWSA, myself, and my wonderful colleague, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. We fought for over 50 years, to get the legal rights we deserve. Every single year counted. If I could go back in time and re-do my life, I wouldn't. I would still spend all these years fighting with Elizabeth to get people from all over the rights they deserve. Addition to that, I would never wish to fight for my dream with anyone else, rather than Stanton, she sets her mind to something, and she gets it

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