How Did Elizabeth Cady Stanton Improved The Fight For Women's Rights?

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Before 1848, America was a nation where women couldn't vote, own property, manage their own money, or file a divorce—a drastic difference from today. That's what the nation was like before Elizabeth Cady Stanton advanced the fight for women’s rights through her voice and writings. Stanton's speeches helped women gain civil and voting rights in the past, and continues to do so today. Stanton took it upon herself to work relentlessly toward a better tomorrow for women across the United States. Through her words, she impacted women’s history for the better.
From a young age, Elizabeth Cady Stanton knew she wanted to fight for women’s rights. As a result of this determination, she would grow to become one of America’s well known women’s suffragists.
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In spite of this, while working on her movement for women’s rights, Stanton was quoted as speaking against the rights of black men. Stanton’s mindset was that it would be more fair for educated white women to gain the right to vote before black men. She stated that “simple black men who have been enslaved all their lives and have never been given an education should not have the right to walk up to the ballot boxes before us educated women”. It is suggested that the racist comments Stanton made might have merely been a debate strategy (CaucuttCaucus). She knew that her opposing side was largely anti-abolition, so she figured that if she made a remark saying how ridiculous it would be for black men gaining the right to vote before women, she would make a good point for her own argument. It is also suggested that many of her controversial remarks were made under the same pretenses. She was under the impression that if she caught people’s attention, and made a bold statement, her words wouldn’t go in one ear and out the other. Stanton was very headstrong, and was often bold in the ways she handled criticism and
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