How Did Elvis Change Society

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With an estimated one billion units sold and counting, Elvis Presley is thought to be the most commercially successful solo musical artist of all time (Meacham 1) Born in Tupelo Mississippi and later relocating to Memphis Tennessee, Elvis was a natural star. Elvis won a high school talent show by singing and playing his guitar, earning the most applause out of any of the contestants. He would soon after that become a trucker, but his dreams of becoming a star were not crushed yet. Elvis gyrated his hips into America's heart as the most influential figure in American history.
Society was not prepared for the steamy storm that would be Elvis Presley, yet when it hit, they loved it. One of the most fascinating things Elvis has done is change society from prim to promiscuous. “In the 1950s , things were on the safe side. No one was provocative , especially celebrities -ranging from dancers to movie stars. …show more content…

Coined by black artists, none of the whites listened until Elvis conquered the charts. His music, which was blues, gospel, jazz, and boogie-woogie, all created by black artists, blended to make rock n roll brought whites audiences to accept black culture. “Presley’s music broke the racial barriers of that time, and was a key to the movement of racial tolerance between whites and blacks. Presley was one of the first singers to be appreciated and loved by both the black and white communities,”(Introduction 3). Elvis tearing down barriers opened the world to so many opportunities. Opportunities not only arrived for white people, but mostly for the black. “Elvis Presley’s music was a representation of the idea of racial tolerance and supported the concept, which stated that just because your skin color is different that doesn’t mean you don’t matter.” (Introduction 3). Whites were now supporting blacks, which was unheard of before the 50’s. Without Elvis, it would have taken longer for whites to appreciate black

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