How Did Emperor Qin Build His Rule

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The death of Emperor Qin at the age of 50 came as a complete surprise to the people of China. It is important to reflect on his time as the ruler of China: to review the life of Qin, focusing on his background, achievements and the negative aspects of his rule to decide whether he will go down in history as a good or bad emperor. From a very young age, Qin was born to rule. Qin Shi Huang was born in Qin in northern western of China 259 BCE. He was originally named Ying Zheng but changed his name to Qin Shi Huang, which means ‘first magnificent god of the Qin’. When Qin Shi Huang got the age 13, he had been formally declared the king of Qin at the time Qin was the powerful States. As a child Qin had gotten help from a regent, which is a person acts as the head of the states if the true ruler is too young, too sick or is missing. In 238, BCE Qin took power in to his own right at the age of 21. During the Warring States period, Qin had used military…show more content…
He burnt Confucius’s books (majority of them) as it opposed his rules/ demands. Many farmers didn’t want to build the Great Wall of China but Qin had forced them to build it. Emperor Qin made Chinese farmers build public works such as roadways and water canals. Qin sent his soldiers to kill many Confucian scholars. Emperor Qin had a very ugly side to him he didn’t care if people died while the time of the construction of the Great Wall Some say Emperor Qin was unable to find his happiness and that is why he was so cold hearted. In conclusion, even though Qin brought glory to China. He was still a cruel leader, as he would kill his brothers so he would still be the emperor of China. I think Qin Shi Huang was a good leader to China because he built the Great Wall of China to protect his nation; he was only harsh and cruel on those who disobeyed and ignored his demands. Qin was emperor from 259 BC and died 210 BC in East

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