How Did Empires Build The Ottoman Empire

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Our group discussed the Ottoman empire and their management of religion, economy, and political power that makes the Ottomans so great. Erika talked about how using taxes and drafting other religions to prevent revolt and integrate them into Ottoman society. We discussed that suppressing the christians and giving them a path to achieve wealth and success is what caused the empire to flourish. We talked about how empires fell because of internal strife, rebellion, outside forces, or disease. The devshirme that Vaughn mentioned prevented major religion tension. It also recruited christians to fight for the empire, it gave them an education, and converted them to Islam. These incentives made some christians be drafted to receive these benefits. This management of religion and army helped prevent internal strife, rebellion and made the empire successful.

Another thing our group talked about was what Ottomans did to prevent rebellion. Which lead us to inspect their careful management of religions and other nomadic tribes through political power. We talked about the motivation behind the ottomans to suppress and take away power from these groups of people and we came to the conclusion that it was to create stability. So muslim governors took away the christian bishops
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It lead us to follow the money trail. We discovered that by taxation, a stable peasant society and trade had a hand in the Ottomans’ economy. These acts help fund the empire. We also wondered why did the Ottomans heavily taxes nomadic tribes instead of moving them elsewhere. We then came up with some reasons why kept nomadic tribes around. Instead of having them moving away the heavy taxes helped fund the economy and because the taxes made nomadic tribes rely more on trade it stimulated trade in the empire. This kept the nomadic tribes in check, gave luxuries and kept the nomadic tribes happy, as well as stabilized the income of the

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