Essay On The Differences Between The French And The English Colonies

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The land was extremely important to the people, and still is today. The more land you have, the more power and wealth. England gave the colonies a part of the land in the east region of North America. The west side belonged to the French. The colonies became greedy and wanted more land to expand and increase their wealth. They took advantage of what England gave them. England’s actions were reasonable and the colonies were acting spoiled. The colonies did not follow the English rules. At this time, the colonies were able to get away with many things from England. The colonies stopped giving their goods to England. They smuggled them and traded them in the Caribbean to make more money to benefit themselves. The people were going against England’s back. Because the colonies were not stopped, they believed they could do whatever they wanted. This led to major conflicts. The boundaries between the English colonies and the French were not clearly identified. The colonies wanted to expand. The only problem was the French owned the land to the west of the colonies. The French did not want the colonies encroaching on their property so battles and conflict broke out. This eventually caused England to…show more content…
England then sought to reinforce their rules and command over the colonies. English officials used Mercantilism. This confirmed their authority. Parliament then passed Acts to help pay off the debt for the war and show the colonies who was really in charge. This angered the colonies. All their freedom they previously had was being reduced. They had to pay several taxes on things such as stamps and sugar. The Navigation Act forced the colonies to only trade with England, which prevented the smuggling. Many of the colonies became bitter about the price and in some cases England would lower the taxes. The colonies often threw a fit and revolted. England would put a stop to it. Some cases were not very pleasant such as the Boston
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