How Did Ernest Hemingway Influence His Writing

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"On the Star, you were forced to learn to write a simple declarative sentence. This is useful to anyone. Newspaper work will not harm a young writer and could help him if he gets out of it in time," this quote is from Ernest Hemingway and shows what knowledge he learned from the past to influence his writing. He was a Nobel Prize-winning author who experienced many situations to help leverage his work. Ernest had many excellent and poor experiences, but all of them were important to his writings. He wrote many nonfiction, short stories, and novels that have helped him win many awards. Including the Pulitzer and Nobel prize award. Throughout, Ernest Hemingway 's life he was a part of many, jobs, relationships, places, wars, and hospitals that helped impact many of his writings. Hemingway’s early life (1-18 years old) had a great amount of happiness and joy within it. Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois (“Ernest Hemingway.”). He was the first boy of Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, and Grace Hall Hemingway (Young, Philip). His father was a doctor who loved outdoors and spent a great amount of time outside with his son. His mother was a religious woman who worked mostly in the home and was active in their church. She eventually led Ernest to become very active in the church as well (“Ernest Hemingway Biography.”). Clarence and Grace raised their son in the suburb of Chicago, but they spent their summers in Walloon Lake in Upper Michigan (“Ernest
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