How Did Ethnocentrism Influence The Europeans Colonize Africa

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In the late 19th century, European tribes began to colonize Africa. They took advantage of the large amount of land and natural resources that Africa had. While they took a lot from this continent, they also attempted to bring things to it. They brought religion and attempted to convert Africans and change their core beliefs. The Europeans believed that they could change this new land to be more like Europe, because they believed Europe was the superior country. The Europeans believed they were colonizing unclaimed land. Ethnocentrism played a role in the imperialism and colonization of Africa because Europe felt superior to Africa, Europe wanted their land and natural resources, and because they felt like they were educating Africans and giving them a better life. As stated in an except from a lecture by John Ruskin, he felt that the greatness of England should be spread to every other nation. The document describes Europe as the world’s source of light and a center of peace. In order to spread England’s greatness, the young colonist’s main goal had to be to advance…show more content…
According to the excerpt, by colonizing Africa, Europeans added to the prosperity and wealth of these lands and destroyed famine and disease. The colonists also said that from their imperialism, they ended human sacrifices, slave trade, and inter-tribal war. When European imperialists colonized Africa, they did not help them as much as they thought that they did. They helped themselves more than anything. The colonists brought schools and Christianity to try and teach the Africans that their way of life was superior. Though they thought they were helping the Africans, they were really just helping themselves by spreading their way of lives. The colonists believed it would be easier to colonize nations they thought were

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