How Did Euclid Start A Dbq On Antigone

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The Ancient Greeks laid foundations for the Western civilizations in the fields of math and science. Euclid, a Greek mathematician known as the “Father of Geometry,” is arguably the most prominent mind of the Greco-Roman time, best known for his composition in the area of geometry, the Elements. (Document 5) To this day, Euclid’s work is still taught in schools worldwide.
In addition to advancements in math, ancient Greeks also made vast strides in the area of medicine. Hippocrates, a Greek physician during the Age of Pericles, is regarded as one of the most meritorious figures in the history of medicine. (Document 4)One of the oldest binding documents in history, the Hippocratic oath, requires new physicians to swear, upon the healing gods, …show more content…

(Document 6) It represents the value of burying loved ones after death in a proper burial. Greeks believed that without a suitable funeral, the souls of the deceased were destined to spend eternity wandering aimlessly. Another pre-eminent piece of ancient Greek art, the Parthenon, located on the acropolis of Athens and dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, is tangibly the most-recognized feature of ancient Greece. (Document 7) The most specific features of this building are the columns. One of the first people to use columns, the Greeks used such distinct features on their monuments, such as the Parthenon. Yet another celebrated art form is perhaps one of the most famous pieces of ancient Greek art. Myron’s marble sculpture of The Discus Thrower, represents the Olympic events and also demonstrates many of the Greek morals. (Document 8) However, each type of art, whether architecture or theatrical performances, had its own impacting, influential feature. For example, in modern times, holding funerals and other burial customs are common to people throughout the world. Furthermore, in current day America, monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Senate Office Building have columns. In addition, The Discus Thrower not only represented an ideal man, but helped developed a new, lasting art

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