Changes In The New World From 1492 To 1820s

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Throughout the period of 1492 to 1820s, Europe and the rest of the world experienced a big dramatic change after the European exploration to the Pacific with locating the New World. As a result of their travels and connections to the New World, Europe along with rest of the world changed economically and religiously, but this help them build a better civilization by the mid-19th century. These changes included the increase of international trade routes which were influenced by the Catholic Church. After locating the New World, it immediately became world power and Europe decided to take over the land. Europeans were very dependent on the indigenous people in several ways, such as food and allies in war. The consequences of these exploration were very severe for the …show more content…

Quickly after, it was a sudden technological transformation in America. The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing which started in Europe. Being influenced by plantation owners and their businesses others in Europe decided it was a time for change and new ideas started to emerge. There was a rise of wage labor with the help of the Industrial Revolution which helped benefit each group of people, money wise.
In essence, with the discovery of the New World it helped shape the way it is now. More things and idea started to emerge and take action. Slavery was the fuel that kept Europe’s economy at a rise. With all the new land that was discovery Europeans knew they could make profit off of it by making slave do agricultural work. Europe’s economic changed after the Industrial Revolution which was inspired by the new invention such as the Printing Press and the idea of slavery. Everything changed significantly once the New World and slavery was introduced as an economic benefit for the

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