How Did Fahrenheit 451 Change Society

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Fahrenheit 451 changes the way society is viewed. Growing up, we were told that we can change the world. Here it is in black and white, the importance over how one person can effect the twisted society. It is crazy to believe that less than 50 years ago, this book can predict the twenty first century generation. We are showed the way society has changed with social media. The way we stop caring over the important aspect in our lives. We are showed what society can turn into if we aren’t careful. Throughout the story, we realizes changes in every single character. Guy, for instant, changed for the better. He realized that his life choices weren't the best and went on a different way. These characters may have changed for better or for worst. Not only that, but each character has a no similarities to one another. It seems like the author likes to add detail personality to all his limited characters. Since, there less then ten main characters, he portrays them so differently. When reading this book, there were a lot of connections with characters from myself. One character that I related to was Clarisse Mcclellan. It seemed it like she always went the flow of life, as the same way I live. She always find a positive outlook on her situation, and loved everything that comes near her. She was my…show more content…
This reader goes back to certain words, paragraphs, even sections and tries to find out if the author meant something else by his words. His writing, even though it’s modern, drags a little bit as if he was trying to fill pages before he went to the climax. This story was not boring, but it made me inpatient. I was constantly waiting for the next exciting scene. Slowly, disappointment came from me in this story. There were only about three parts of the books that made myself somewhat enjoy what i was reading. Even if majority of the book was borning, there were similarities
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