How Did Farmers Change Farmers

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The society nowadays consists of different jobs and people from different areas, but they were not like that in the late 1800s. Most Americans lived on farms. When things started changing for farmers from what they were growing to how they borrowed money due to the radical policies, consequences were brought to the farmers as the radical politics started changing farmer’s life. One of the consequences is that the farmers are no longer dependent on themselves. In earlier times, farmers grew their own food, made their own tools, and were generally self-sufficient. They bought very few times from shopkeepers, and they bought only what they could pay for. But when farmers started borrowing money to buy machines, fertilizer, and land, they lost their independence to merchants and bankers. Independence is how farmers make the majority of their income, but as one of the consequences, farmers can 't only rely on themselves anymore. They have to be dependent on the machines if they want to be more efficient with their work. With buying machines, many small farm…show more content…
While buying things on credit allowed farmers to buy new farm machinery and keep shoes on their feet and food on the table, it could also cause them debt trouble. Small farmers who could not pay off their debt could lose their farms. Merchants or banks had the right to hold the farmer’s land until his debt was paid. If the farmer was not able to pay off the debt, he could be taken to court and his land could be given to or sold by whoever he owed the money to. Entire families could find themselves homeless. Managing their debts has always been a challenge for American farmers. Tenant farmers and sharecroppers rarely earned enough money to pay off their debts and then buy land of their own. All these consequences led to one outcome: Populist
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