How Did Fashion Affect The 1930's

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We all know that the 1930’s was a very significant part of the American history. During this time period The Great depression took place. It caused a drastic decline in the world's economy, many people had to become unemployed and caused worldwide poverty. Even though during this time period everyone was upset and stressed, people managed to find a way to lighten up the mood. Even during the hard times the people faced, they still needed to be entertained. Fashion, music and entertainment were greatly affected during the 1930’s because it was influenced by The Great Depression. Fashion was a huge part of the 1930’s and it was affected during The Great Depression. During this time, fashion was heavily influenced by the Great Wall Street Crash. Although there were many hardships, it seemed that the woman cared greatly about fashion. “...companies started researching new material to manufacture due to the financial crisis...” (Lib). Since The Great…show more content…
Music in the 1930’s mainly consisted of Folk, Jazz, Swing Country and Western Music. Folk was the most popular because everyone in the community enjoyed it and could join in and take part by singing. “The era provided music, popular songs, and dancing to help comfort the lives of many who were suffering.” (Ent). Many people didn’t have much to do because the stock market had crashed. So they would listen to music to calm down and take their minds of their hardships that they were facing. Radio's were also wildly popular during this time, and many people would listen for their favorite tunes to come up. Most of the songs were heavily influenced by the wars. World War I had already finished and the world was now going into World War II. “War songs became extremely popular…” (Lib). Most song symbolized war and became popular through the use of radios. Among the unemployed, there were artist and performers of many types. They all helped people enjoy life in the
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