How Did Fashion Change American Culture

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American traditions and its culture have been revolutionized as we take and modify international culture to further stylize our modern society. The british culture and their traditions have always been the belle of the ball, from their extraordinary fashion, that breaks and bends traditional fashion, to their exquisite cuisines and intricate language. British’s iconic fashion inspires countries to further their creativity to meet fashion standards. Their language which has revolutionized, since it first got spoken, sets the basis for our American language. Some of the delicious dishes of the British culture have been Americanized into our very own recipes.
FASHION, FOOD AND LANGUAGE British fashion has changed so much over the years. London is one of the real form capitals of the world, avenues full with shops from the up market Bond Street to ordinary mold on Oxford Street. London has dependably been well known for beginning new patterns and bringing a portion of the universe’s best designers into the spotlight. Their fashion has been a consistent wellspring form of motivation from women wearing girdles to attempt to duplicate the thin outline of Elizabeth 1 to modern women taking motivation from Kate Middleton’s simple but elegant outfits. London is also known for hosting the most exciting event of the year for the modern fashionist which is the London Fashion Week one in …show more content…

The British culture and their customs have dependably been the debutante of the ball, from their uncommon design, that breaks and twists conventional mold, to their lovely cooking styles and perplexing dialect. Most of the upcoming trends are certified to come from London like the pajama shirt or the pink leather jacket for colder times, no matter what the trend might be I’m certain it will come from London and its extraordinary

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