How Did Fdr Win The Great Depression

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Module 7 Discussion The Great Depression of the 1930’s created the worst economic / financial crisis the country had to face. Up until FDR won the election in 1932 and throughout his presidency, FDR’s primary focus was on handling and responding to the consequences that the depression had caused. He did this by implementing policies, legislation, reform and laws in order to help the American people and restore confidence in the financial markets. For this reason, I believe it is why President Roosevelt did not want any involvement in Upton Sinclair‘s campaign. From what I read in the textbook, additional sources and to my understanding, FDR and Upton Sinclair were both democrats and had different political views / strategies for wanting to help the nation. In addition, even though President Roosevelt was non-partisan, independent,…show more content…
He also had to retain his character and full support with the public in fixing the economy, so they would have confidence in his administration and leadership. How FDR did this is by his “First New Deal.” It was a plan for implementing an economic recovery / relief for both the nation and its citizens. For President Roosevelt to do this, he needed to overcome criticisms by the leftists, again gain public confidence and stand his ground to new reform policies and legislation. FDR did not want his administration to be a failure, just as it did before he came into office with Republican Herbert Hoover’s Presidency. To me, if FDR could overcome these obstacles which he did, he could move the country forward in the right direction. By not being so easily convinced or influenced by Upton Sinclair campaign or anyone else for that matter, Roosevelt became the great leader / liberal that our country was so desperately looking for to restoring
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