How Did Feng Ru Improve China

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Like Jackie Robinson and Melba Pattillo Beals, Feng Ru helped improve his home country, China, when he was motivated by the United States’s industrialization to build a plane and make a similar impact on China. Feng Ru was also challenged, but unlike Robinson and Beals, his challenges came as long hours, bad working conditions, natural disasters, and the risk of death when testing planes. In paragraph six of the article about him, Maksel states, “Jammed into this small space were tools, books, journals, mechanical projects, aircraft parts—and Feng himself, who rarely finished work before 3 a.m.” This quote explains some of the conditions Feng Ru was challenged by, such as small spaces. This is also shows in paragraph seven, where the article states, “During one test flight, Feng lost control of his airplane (not an unusual occurrence), which plunged into his workshop, setting it ablaze.” This quote shows that crashing planes was not unusual, which brought a lot of risk, as Feng Ru could have gotten killed or severely injured in these crashes. Through these events, Feng Ru gained knowledge of aviation…show more content…
In paragraph seven of the article, it states, “...plunged into his workshop, setting it ablaze. Feng and his three assistants moved operations to an Oakland hayfield...” This quote shows that when his old workshop was destroyed, Feng Ru persevered and continued working in a new area. Feng Ru made an impact on his country by bringing it industrialization and aviation. This is shown in paragraph thirteen of the article, where it states, “At Sun Yat-Sen’s request, the words “Chinese Aviation Pioneer” were engraved upon Feng’s tombstone.” This shows that Feng Ru’s efforts were recognized and he was known as a pioneer of aviation. Feng Ru was inspired by the United States and endeavored to introduce aviation and industrialization to his home country,
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