How Did Ferdinand And Isabella Influence Christopher Columbus

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If it weren't for Isabella and Ferdinand, Christopher Columbus would have never set foot in North America. Ferdinand and Isabella were important people in the Renaissance they are strong, smart, and efficient powerful leaders. They ruled most of Spain they ruled the castles of Aragon and Castile together. They got married on October 19, 1469. Ferdinand and Isabella started the Spanish Inquisition, they united Spain's kingdoms, and sponsored Christopher Columbus in his voyage to North America. Ferdinand and Isabella were successful with their career. Ferdinand of Aragon was born March 10, 1452. His father was John II of Aragon and Navarre and his mother is Juana Enríquez their religion was Roman Catholic. Ferdinand was king of Aragon from…show more content…
They wanted to unite all the domain kingdoms of Spain and make it a dominant world. They united Spain's largest kingdoms and ruled Aragon and Castile together. Their biggest impact in the Spanish society was definitely the Spanish Inquisition. An inquisition is a series of investigations designed to judge and find heretics. Ferdinand and Isabella conquer the Granada from the Moors (Muslims) which gave them the title Catholic Kings in 1492. This ordered and Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity. They tortured the heretics that did not convert to catholic finally all Jews and Muslims who refused to convert were banned from Spain. The Jews and Muslims could practice their own religion but it had to be secretly done. Isabella sponsored the voyage of Christopher Columbus which brought money to Spain and a new world. When Columbus discovered the new land they were given to Castile because of Isabella’s sponsorship. With the new world some Native Americans were sent to the new land to be slaves but Isabella disagreed with that and believed they should be treated fairly and with justice. Ferdinand and Isabella were parsons and they made Spain better by establishing buildings and institutions for education. Ferdinand and Isabella both knew Latin and they could read. They also educated all of their
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