How Did Flowers For Algernon Change Charlie Gordon's Life

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Do you think Charlie Gordon should or should not have had the artificial intelligence surgery that completely changed his life? Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old man from the book Flowers for Algernon who has the intelligence level of about a two Dear old mind. He desperately wants to be smart, however the only way this could be done is if he undergoes a risky surgery. Charlie decides to go through with it. Charlie Gordon should be glad he had the A.I. surgery. During the experiment Charlie developed more adult relationships. When Charlie realized he might “leave Miss Kinnian behind”(intelligence wise) and realized that he might not know who she is anymore, he said “The thought of leaving her behind made me sad. I'm in love with miss Kinnian.”(Keyes 234) After he said this he realized that not only does Charlie love Miss kinnian but he is also getting incredibly smart and it will not be long until he is smarter than Miss Kinnian. Charlie chose the right thing going through with the surgery because he found new friends, good people, and he fell in love with Miss Kinnian. Charlies experiment contributed to science. Charlie was humble and selfless throughout the whole experiment, and he was very proud of what he accomplished! When he discovered his regression he stated, “I am grateful…show more content…
This is not entirely true though, because Miss Kinnian still cared deeply for Charlie even after the surgery when he became selfish, in fact,in the movie when Charlie has almost completely regressed Miss Kinnian cries happy/sad she was sad because Charlie has regressed and forgotten the love they use to share. And happy because Carlie remembered who she was and came back for her. This proves that even though Charlie felt abandoned he still had Miss Kinnian who cared about him. In the book “Flowers for Algernon” Charlie developed more adult relationships, contributed to science, and became the smartest person in the
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