How Did Frances Perkins Influence Women

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Did you know, two of the highest IQ’s ever recorded are both belong to women? A woman's reputation of being influential and knowledgeable has always been undermined. Frances Perkins set the standard in the early 1900s that a woman can be more influential and knowledgeable than a man. Without Perkins, America would not be the same beloved country we know today. Frances Perkins came from an unfortunate childhood and had to motivate herself in everything she did. “...Rose quickly from the world of voluntary associations to the rough and tumble world of politics”(Source 4). The author tells us that she had to develop tough skin and serve men and do what she didn’t agree with, but had to do. This shows us that was is a selfless person that was inspired by…show more content…
“As a social worker and industrial investigator, she rose quickly from the world of voluntary associations to the rough and tumble FRANCES PERKINS: CHANGING AMERICA 4 world of politics. Hers was not an easy ride”(Source 4). As, she was preparing herself to become a target, because she now that the heat would always be on her with all the bold choices she was going to make. Frances developed tough skin, which is vital in trying to help influence a nation. “She worked closely with Governor Roosevelt, traveling to dozens of cities and towns to mediate volatile industrial disputes. During this period, she remade herself”(Source 5). Deciding to let go of old norms, that mentally held her back, helped create a new reputation. Perkins had used this time to reinvent herself as she was working along highly ranked influential figures. All of this motivation and preparation eventually led to a long list of accomplishments. Even though Frances Perkins had countless accomplishments, a few stood out that really helped America become a beacon of hope to civilians everywhere. “In May 1912,

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