How Did Frederick The Great Use Military Tactics

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Frederick the Great exploited the advantages of military evolutions and revolutions to create a powerful nation-state, Prussia, through the exploitation of economic and social policies forcing Prussia advantage of superiority and allowing their ability to employ their society norms upon others. Through the use of military tactics, he integrated elements of the infantry, cavalry, and artillery and revolutionized the Prussian military superiority through the delivery of lethal strikes and unwavering means to survive.1 In conjunction with economic and social policies, the incorporation of increased military professionalism fostered forces that were more disciplined and utilized tactics, enabling military evolutions and revolutions to become…show more content…
As mention by Parker, Frederick the Great army, “employed in formations allowed close control and constant supervision, emphasizing heavy infantry and cavalry tactics that marshaled men in straight lines in the open field.”7 Frederick often complained about the development of artillerists in other countries and introduced horse-drawn field artillery for a shift of position during battles.”8 Even though, the Prussian army was behind other states with the new vogue for artillery. Out of frustration of the advancement of other states, Frederick developed his own concept of artillery with the of horses alongside artillery elements. Not only was his concept of the horse drawn field artillery changed the way he fought battles, but Frederick also has a robust cavalry. Paret stated, “Frederick set a value on cavalry, which constituted about a fourth of his army, but used it in general only for shock action in solid tactical units.”9 His ability to integrate combined arms, as opposed to other independent states made his army
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