How Did Freedom Riders Change Society

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Jacksonville High School How did Freedom Riders change society? Allison Waldrup English Garrett 4/15/16 Freedom riders changed society by standing up for themselves such as rosa parks and Martin Luther kings are activist because they stood up on what they believed in. May 1,1961 the first group of freedom riders met in Washington, D.C. There was seven African Americans and six whites. They went to Washington, D.C. To have a training session. Freedom riders were people who traveled on buses in 1960 Supreme Court ruling that stopped racial segregation. On May 14 in Anniston Alabama…show more content…
Riders on the second bus were beaten badly in Birmingham Alabama.. The first ride had ended due to all the violence. They still didn't give up they still had faith. The original riders were forced to go back to New Orleans successive protesters followed them to integrate Southern buses. The second ride had begun, there was thirteen volunteers seven black and six whites. All thirteen were very young or near young. All thirteen were chosen by CORE to challenge him crow laws in May 1961 to ride buses through the south. There were two buses to take the thirteen volunteers from Washington, D.C. To New Orleans. A lot of the freedom riders were forced to take part in local churches and Around three hundred freedom riders were arrested and held in southern jails. Federal marshals went to Montgomery. More riders had continued to show there respect and continued to ride within the six months and the Kennedy administration had taken control and the freedom ride movement had succeeded. In conclusion the freedom riders changed society in many ways others couldn't imagine. They took beatings , they had to fight because others were scared, they also had to put up with death because they wanted to stand up for what they believed in. Freedom riders were the most amazing people in life because no one else would've kept trying after so many fails they never gave up. They got the people of America freedom By doing what they did. they set a new way of seeing why you keep trying and why you never give
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