How Did Galileo Contribute To Science

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Galileo Galilei is one of the most important scientists in history. He was born in Pisa, Italy in the year 1564. Galileo attended the University of Pisa where he was going to major in medicine because his father wanted him to. However, he became interested in math and geometry, what led him to major in mathematics. Eventually he found out about the invention of the telescope and ended up making his own. Once creating his own telescope, he begun to study the heavens and discovered many things about space. Galileo’s discoveries are still important today and have impacted the knowledge of many across the world.
One of the things he uncovered about space is that the moon has a rough body and that it isn’t smooth as some scientists believed during that time period. Another one of his discoveries was that the Milky Way consists of multiple stars, which clarified many of the knowledge people had about it. In despite of the many
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They were angry at Galileo for contradicting them and at the same time they didn’t want people to think that their interpretations from the bible were wrong. At last, Galileo’s ideas were censored by the church’s leaders leaving him with restrictions. Regardless of the outgoing conflicts he was facing for wanting to make people see the truth, he still performed his works leading to more discoveries.
Galileo was actually the first person to utilize a telescope for astronomy’s purposes. Thanks to his actions today, people are aware of what the solar system actually looks like. Additionally, people still use his methods when performing experiments by using science and technology combined. At the same time his thought process are key in when doing research and trying to discover more things about the world today. In conclusion, Galileo’s greatest work and legacy was confirming that the Earth orbits around the sun and not the other way
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