How Did Galileo Revolutionize The World

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Over the course of history, there have been several technologies and theories that have either been altered or restored by advancements in the field of science. These theories and technologies were all developed and invented by renowned philosophers and scientists during the scientific revolution. Two scientists, Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei both developed their own theories which were used to change old teachings and would eventually revolutionize the world.
All these new ideas and innovative technologies replaced previous traditions and shifted the world’s attention resulting into them to have various different reactions. The Earth was always thought of as the center of the universe where everything rotated around it. Evidently, this thought only existed because on church teachings and common sense. The Bible had explained that things things in space moved around Earth. Another reason why people thought that the Earth was located in the center was because the sun rose and set meaning that the sun moved
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Over time, Galileo recorded information based of his observations of the moon and other celestial bodies. Eventually, Galileo was able to come down to the conclusion that the sun was located at the center of the universe and reinstate Copernicus’ Heliocentric theory. Galileo finally published his findings about the heliocentric theory because he disregarded how the church would react. As a result, his publication was banned by Pope Urban VIII because it once again went against what the church believed. The Catholic Church reacted in a pessimistic manner because they saw Galileo’s publication as an insult after supporting him in the past. Galileo was later sentenced to the Inquisition which was the the court of the Catholic Church. The Inquisition threatened to torture Galileo which as a result finally made him recant and repudiate the Heliocentric
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