How Did Gender Change In The French Revolution

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European political revolutions between 18th and 19th century are exemplified by the French Revolution, which opposed to absolutism and patriarchy, gave birth to the idea of individuality, and thus changed Europeans’ daily life, including fashion, sex, food, music, and gender norms. The French Revolution transformed Europeans’ daily life by replacing aristocratic lifestyles with common people’s style with emphasis on individuality. The French Revolution transformed fashion to be approaches of self-expression, rather than the signifier of group identity. Meanwhile, calling for equality and countering feudalism, it also led a fashion of common people, which differentiated them from the aristocratic expensive style. It is remarkable because it is the first time that the ordinary people owned the fashion leadership, which used to be held by only the Royal Court. The need of distinguishing them from the aristocracy also resulted in the changes in sex: the aristocratic lifestyle like having much sex was abolished, and thus the common people limited their sex behaviors. Apart from fashion and sex, food and drinks as an important sign of identity and class were also changed during the revolution. The fancy food got simplified to endear itself to the people. Meanwhile, the cooks who, under the guild system, used to work for the royal and aristocracy, were freed to open their own restaurants and cook food for the lower class. In terms of gender norms, the French Revolution arguably
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