How Did General Ulysses S. Grant Impact The Civil War

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General Ulysses S. Grant had a great impact on the United States both in his time as a war general and in his time as president. His role in the Civil War was instrumental to the Union victory and the strategies he employed saved many union troops and ended the war quickly. He had many wins, but also many losses and setbacks that were devastating.He learned and adapted through those setbacks and won the war and the American public. The United States would have had a much harder time winning the war and with recovery efforts afterward were it not for General Grant. Grant was a very prominent figure of the time period and led the Union to victory and helped heal the fractured United States afterward. General Grant began his military career at West Point when he was just sixteen. He was top of his class and when he graduated, he began his four years of service and went into combat in the Mexican-American War. He was promoted to captain as a result of his bravery during the war. After this, his four-year commitment to the army was up, he left and did not expect to come back. However, when Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter in 1861, Captain Grant heard the need and decided to return to service. He was promoted to Brigadier General as the war began. He proved himself through many different battle and strategies, such as the battles of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. Both of these victories were integral to the war effort and are considered the earliest significant
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