How Did Genghis Khan Build The Mongol Empire

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The Mongols were united by Genghis Khan. With him as their leader they went on to build a massive empire by conquering kingdoms far and wide. He was a fierce ruler but treated his people fairly, for the most part. They built the largest contiguous empire because of their level of skill as warriors, the trade routes they created and strong leadership and laws.
The Mongols were a fierce tribe lead by Genghis Khan, a great warrior and leader. He grew up in a world of incredible tribal violence. He had humble beginnings, being the son of an outcast family, with no formal education, he was enslaved by a rival clan and then escaped. The destiny that Genghis Khan experienced was created by him. He started out with nothing and as unlikely as it seemed, he built his empire little by little. He had enough horses to create two spirit banners. One white and one black. The white for peacetime and the black for guidance in war. He eventually became one of the world’s greatest leaders. “On every level and from any perspective, the scale and scope of
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To thrive, first as a great leader of the Mongol empire, he proclaimed new laws. He knew this was necessary to keep tribal feuding and wars at bay. He allowed groups to follow their traditional laws from their area so long as it doesn’t conflict with Genghis Khan’s laws. His law covered kidnapping of women, the enslavement of any Mongol, theft of animals and more. “Moreover, Genghis Khan ordered the adoption of a writing system, conducted a regular census, granted diplomatic immunity to foreign ambassadors and allowed freedom of religion well before that idea caught on elsewhere.” ( Staff. "Genghis Khan." A&E Television Networks, 2009). “Genghis Khan made it clear that his Great Law applied as strictly to the rulers as to everyone else.” (Weatherford, Jack, Genghis Khan, p. 70). No matter what your status you were not above the

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