How Did Genghis Khan Influence The Mongol Empire

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The Mongolians are invariably associated with tales of bloodshed, death, and destruction. Their famed leader Genghis Khan, rose from poverty and united the Mongol tribes under him. He was a strong political and military leader who made advancements in the Mongol government and made many significant improvements to the administration system. For example, he created the Yassa, expanded the Silk Road and emphasized the importance of respect and loyalty. Genghis is most noted for conquering the most territory than any other single commander in the history of the world ( Editors, 2014). Genghis’ grandson, Kublai, also played a large role in the Mongol empire. He continued to expand the Silk Road, introduced paper money, and conquered the Song ( Editors, 2015). Through his actions, he was able to become the first…show more content…
Kublai’s actions also had a large negative effect on the Mongol empire. Kublai’s Chinese policies and his failure to assimilate other cultures led to the end of the Mongol Empire. His failure to assimilate the Chinese resulted in the quick end of the Yuan Dynasty. As well, his succession to the Khanate helped to start a civil war, which caused further division between the Mongols (U.S. Library of Congress). Kublai and Genghis Khan were both important Mongol leaders. Though, Genghis Khan is ultimately the better leader as he created an empire from nothing, and wasn’t responsible for its destruction.

Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan were both powerful leaders who greatly influenced the outcome of the Mongol empire. By the age of 44, Genghis was successful in uniting the Mongol clans and was given leadership over the Mongols. His success as a political and military leader helped to
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