How Did Geography Affect Ancient Egypt

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Me: How did the geography impact the ancient Egyptians?

King Tut: Geography impacted ancient Egyptians from rivers, mountains, and forests. We need to think of where to settle based on the geography in the area. One-way geography impacted ancient Egyptians was if there were rivers near or at the location they settled. Consequently, rivers were very helpful for ancient Egyptians. Another way geography impacted Ancient Egyptians was mountains. Mountains helped ancient Egyptians because it kept out invaders. It would be absolutely hard to climb over the mountain. For this reason, mountains helped ancient Egyptians. Forests helped ancient Egyptians because wood helped build houses. You get wood from trees, so it would be super easy to just go
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And my next question is how were the Egyptians protected by their physical environment?

King Tut: They were protected by mountains, rivers, and also deserts. So just like how mountains and rivers keep invaders out, deserts do too. Who wants to cross the desert? It's very hot, you can die of thirst, so it's very risky to cross the desert.

Uh, can we be done with the questions. I am getting tired.

Me: Oh, um one more question?

King Tut: Fine.

Me: So lastly, how did the flooding of the Nile affect ancient Egyptians?

King Tut: So there were good and bad things. Flooding does destroy houses, destroys crops, and everything. But it can provide silt, a healthy material for crops. So it would be better not to have floods, but there is something good about it, at least!

Me: Thank you so much, King Tut. I have learned so much from you. I can use them in school projects later.

King Tut: What is school?

Me: Oh, it is a place where kids learn (I guess that was okay to say).

King Tut: I guess we don't have them here.

Me: I guess not.

King Tut: But I have to leave. I need to eat some lunch and protect the area. We have some unidentified people coming. Leave

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