How Did Geography Affect The Colonies

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Geography's effect on the early North American colonies is undeniable, but the way location affected the people of the early colonies is much more significant. Primarily, the economy was the biggest aspect of life affected by geography. From the Atlantic Ocean acting as a barrier from the New World to the Old World, and to the climate difference between the cold winters of the New England colonies to the hot summers in the Southern colonies, each played a central role in the development of the colonies. Good or bad, geography was always an essential factor economically for those who lived in the early southern, middle, and northern colonies. Geography has continually influenced the way people live and the early colonies were no different. When originally coming to North America, the Atlantic Ocean served as a disadvantage and decelerated the growth of the colonies. Although the Atlantic connected Colonial America to the Old World, it also served as a barrier between the two. With the ocean nearby, colonists had access to goods such as tea, steel, and manufactured products; as a result, this usually kept colonists close to…show more content…
In the south, the warm, humid climate and southern, fertile soil allowed colonists to grow sugar cane, rice, as cash crops. The south was able to grow many crops and foods the middle colonies, northern colonies, and even many European countries could not produce. Even though large farming fields were a typical setting in the south, slave plantations quickly dominated the southern economy. “Profit-hungry settlers often planted tobacco to sell before they planted corn to eat” (Kennedy, 61). This quote and the 40 million pounds of tobacco annually exported during the 1630’s exemplified the desire and economic opportunity the south possessed. The south was geographically blessed and had a heavy economic advantage over the middle and northern
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