How Did Geography Affect The Development Of Civilization

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Geography is the study of Earth’s features such as terrain, climate, vegetation, soil, and other physical characteristics. These features affect the way that civilizations grow and survive. Civilizations need to be near areas that can provide them with food, water, and supplies to flourish and sustain themselves. Whether the civilizations survived or not was based on their geography and therefore determined their fate and history. The Eastern Woodlands covered the eastern part of North America and had many plants that people lived off of. The people who lived in these lands began to realize that many of the wild animals they were used to eating were becoming hard to find . This caused many villages to focus more on growing their own food. This began near the Mississippi river, where people were able to start growing crops such as maize, squash, and beans. People moved to the lowlands to start villages and to continue focusing on agriculture. The soil in the lowlands was…show more content…
Learning how to grow crops and other plants was important to these people and they were able to become very good at irrigation. This lead to them being able to grow many crops such as squash and beans. The area around the Pueblo people became popular and they began to establish an urban center. Therefore, the Pueblo people built communal three-story houses called pueblos for the growing community. However, these people decided to migrate due to climate changes such as drought and warfare. Archeologists believe there was conflict between the Pueblo people and other civilizations from the south(p. 180). Before the luxuries of modern day, civilizations had to survive off the land. Some of these civilizations had to endure harsher conditions than others, which ultimately lead to their demise. If the geography and environment that some civilizations had to live in were different, I’m sure that would change their

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