How Did George Get Lennie A Good Friend

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Throughout most of our live, we have made friends. Some good and some bad. The same is true in the fictional world. Such as the relationship between George and Lennie in Steinbeck’s book, ”Of Mice and Men.” Both of them had traveled together for most of their life, went through thick and thin, and shared a common dream, despite Lennie annoying George. However at the end, Lennie caused an incident and forced George to kill Lennie. But all and all, I believe George was a good friend. First of all, George would always try to get Lennie out of trouble in many situations. The first situation that the book tells us was when George pulled Lennie out of Weed, when Lennie grabbed a girl’s dress, scaring her so much that she thought Lennie was going to rape her, and the town tried to lynch Lennie (Steinbeck-11). Another example is when right before they got to the ranch, George told Lennie to hide in the bush and wait for him if he got in trouble (Steinbeck 15). There were also many other examples of George getting Lennie out of trouble, such as when Lennie was being assaulted by the boss’ son (Steinbeck 63). All of these shows that George cares about Lennie’s well-being. …show more content…

When Lennie was afraid that he was a burden to George, but George put that idea down when he said that Lennie wasn’t actually a burden and that he didn’t want him to leave (Steinbeck 104). While he was about to shoot him, George kept Lennie distracted by reciting their dream to keep Lennie from noticing what was about to happen and stay happy (Steinbeck 104). In the midst of it all, George kept hesitating the whole time, showing that he didn’t actually want to kill Lennie (Steinbeck 104). However if George waited any longer, then Lennie would be lynched and died a painful death, but he shot Lennie so Lennie wouldn’t suffer any more than he already

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