How Did George Lucas Change The World

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George Lucas has created many great movies in his lifetime. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones all of them are filled with action and adventure. But George Lucas didn 't always want to be a director but things changed. He got past many obstacles and some were life changing events. George Lucas has inspired many young directors and lived a good life. “ Technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint pictures they want” -George Lucas. George Lucas was born May 14, 1944 on a walnut farm. 1 He grew up with his sister who would always beat up other kids who would tease him. When he was little he dreamed of becoming a professional race car driver.He grew up in Modesto California. 2 George Lucas grew up in Modesto, California where he also made a movie called “American Graffiti.” He went to the University of Southern California film school. 3
George Lucas attended University of Southern California Film School after he attended a jr. film school. George Lucas has made many great movies and his imagination was put into all of the movies he made.
“Whatever has happened in my quest for innovation has been part of my quest for immaculate reality” - George Lucas. He was into car racing before filmmaking and wanted to become a professional car racer. 4 For better or worse, that dream was abruptly
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“The secret to film is that it 's an illusion” -George Lucas. In 1977 he created the movie “Star Wars.” 7 Star Wars is space adventure which broke box office records around the world and to get 20th Century Fox to approve the then-massive budget of almost $10 million, Lucas pitched Star Wars with a series of 21 drawings. In 1930 George Lucas created another very famous movie “Indiana Jones.” 8 A short summary is that an archaeologist named Dr. Jones finds out about an artifact called the ark of the covenant. And this is a story about how he retrieves the ark. On October 30, 2012 George Lucas retired and sold Lucasfilm to
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