How Did George Orwell Impact Society

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The Impact of George Orwell on American Culture “If George Orwell were alive today, what subjects might he explore in his books?” This quote, written by Theresa Johnston in an article on Stanford Report, designates the historical significance of Orwell’s works. Living in the time of totalitarian rulers and the Cold War, George Orwell based his novels and writings on the governments surrounding him in Europe. In both of his most famous novels, Animal Farm and 1984, Orwell portrays his characters as those living under totalitarian rule. In the novel Animal Farm, Orwell shows how a group of animals on a farm cope with totalitarian rule by other animals. The animals have restricted lives and show similarities to those living in the Soviet…show more content…
1984 is a novel that shows the severity of totalitarian and communist rule by showing what London would be like in the future if it were under totalitarian rule. The novel shows the life of a low ranking member of the society, Winston Smith. Everywhere that Winston goes, he is watched by the government and forced to look at propaganda showing the government is watching him. The government, Big Brother, even watches Winston and others in their own homes. At the start of the novel, Winston feels frustrated by the oppressive rule of Big Brother which even prohibits free thought and expression of individuality. Winston works in a place called the Ministry of Truth, where he alters historical records for Big Brother. Throughout the novel, Winston works to avoid surveillance and attempt to join The Brotherhood, a group that works to overthrow the government. Winston breaks many laws and eventually is tricked to commit an open act of rebellion against Big Brother by an Inner Party member. At the end of the novel, Winston is brainwashed into loving Big Brother, and is released back into the outside world with no feelings for anyone but Big Brother. Orwell’s views on government in his novels were spread worldwide, and impacted cultures around the
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