How Did George W. Bush Influence Domestic Policies

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George W. Bush Jr. had his successes and failures in both domestic and foreign policies during his presidential years. With starting his presidential career, he mainly focused on the issues of domestic policy, in nature. As these policies ranged from cutting taxes, seeking to expand energy production, to strengthening public education, a startled tragedy struck. Bush Jr. went to Florida on September 10, 2001 to make known his education ingenuities he involved himself with. From Bush being there and getting a call that planes crashed into the World Trade Center was devastating. The events that happened shaped the world that day and started a whole new aspect to him as being president. Not only did Bush have ambition towards domestic policy…show more content…
Bush went to Capitol Hill nine days after the attacks on September 11th to deliver a speech on what Congress thought would be a declaration of war. He demanded the Taliban surrender to the US. He wanted not only bin Laden but all al Qaeda leaders currently operating within Afghanistan. Bush also closed every terrorist training camp, arrested “every terrorist and every person in the terrorists” support structure, and called to free all foreign journalists, diplomats, and aid workers. He stated, “Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them.” British Prime Minister Tony Blair attended the speech and said that they had to surrender bin Laden or surrender…show more content…
After researching about George W. Bush and his perspectives on domestic and foreign policies, I would contemplate passing this president. The thoughts and plans of his were quite brilliant; he definitely managed to be successful in his mannerly way. Although some mindsets he established did not manage to go as planned, I feel overall he would receive a C for his grade. His main outlook being president was focused on the 9/11 attacks; subsequently it was a major history event that occurred. I feel he could have gone a different path then what he did. He could have handled it a lot better. The United States shouldn’t have been sent to the Middle East for attack. Bush should have just bombed them, or done something to not loose some of the Americans we
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