How Did George Washington Impact The World

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Throughout every culture there are many stories about heroes, real or fictitious heroes. From characters such as, Odysseus or Gilgamesh to real life heroes such as, Martin Luther King jr and Mother Theresa. These heroes have made an impact on people through their acts of greatness and are still affecting people today. One such hero that has had a large impact on those today and those who were alive during their time. This hero in none other than George Washington, whose great actions made him into the great hero we know him to be today, and is still impacting and affecting people today.

George Washington was the first president on the United States of America, which was one of the first countries to implement a democratic system and became one of the most powerful countries in the modern world. The democratic system allowed for the government to be chosen by the people and also allowed for peaceful transitions of power between political parties. However, before he was the first president of the U.S, he was the leader of the revolutionary army that rebelled against England. He led the revolutionary army and defeated the British allowing for the 13 original colonies to gain independence from England and become the United States of America. George Washington's actions led to the successful rebellion one of the most powerful countries at the
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George Washington was one of these great heroes whose actions had a great impact on people for years. His great leadership and wisdom led to the formation of one of the greatest countries in the world. This country is known as the land of opportunity and gives everyone equal rights and opportunity. If not for George Washington the Unites States may have never been formed many great breakthroughs for society may have never happened. In conclusion, George Washington was a great hero whose great actions still affect the world to this
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